Bowser's Warped Orbit is Bowser's board in Mario Party 8. In order to have it playable in Party Mode, one

Bowser's Warped Orbit

must unlock it by completing the Star Battle Arena once.

It still goes by the laws being a "lava" Board, as it is located above the sun. Another difference is that Magikoopas and Toadies work here, and not the usual underlings like Goombas and Koopa Kids. The objective here is to steal Stars, with each player starting out with five.Players must use special candy to steal from their opponents; Bullet Candy and Bowser Candy. Both of them are exclusive to only this board; this is the only one that these two candies are hidden on.

Landing on a DK Space causes Donkey Kong to appear on a steel-keg satellite, and give the player a free Star (a piece of candy in Duel Mode). Landing on the Bowser Space causes Bowser to come down from his observation tower to steal a Star from the player (although if the player has no Stars, Bowser will give them ten coins instead).


Mario in Bowser's Warped Orbit.

One of the ? Spaces on the board causes Bowser to come down and chase the player all around the board in a complete loop. Anyone that is in their path will also get chased down (this essentially just moves all the players involved to the same space). The ? Space next to Kamek makes him use his magic to shuffle everyone's candy around. The ? spaces (arrow spaces in Duel mode) next to the warp tube (underneath the observation tower) causes players to travel through the tube and reach to the other side of the board, always collecting twenty coins along the way (but nothing in Star Battle Arena; as the tube is part of the board's path and not a shortcut). All the other ? Spaces make Bowser reverse the direction of the flow of the board.

In Star Battle Arena the winning conditions are to steal stars from their opponent until they have zero stars; via the Bullet Candy and Bowser Candy (both that are hidden only on this board). Players started with three Stars each. During the Star Battle Arena, if the player defeats Blooper or Hammer Brother, they will get to fight Bowser in a void-like arena. Also, the player will unlock Hammer Brother or Blooper, depending on who they fight (they may have defected to the good side for feeling neglected, Bowser even calls them "slaves")