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Loco Motives is a Duel mini-game . The game's name is a pun on "locomotive," the

Loco Motives.

proper term for the car that actually moves the train.


At the start, the Player's Train and Ballons are seen on a Track.Both players point at a train with their cursor, reversing its direction. The game then starts.


Use the Wii Remote Pointer to move the cursor and touch trains to send they the other way. Press A/B to Switch target's direction


Keep your trains from hitting your balloons. Point-select your trains to reverse their direction.


When a train's light comes on, it means that the train is approaching a balloon. Reverse its direction fast!


The players have to point their cursor at their trains, so that they will not pop their colored balloons. If a train gets near a balloon, its siren will go off. There are 3 balloons and trains each; the players have to compete until one player pops 3 of his/her balloons, resulting in a win for the opponent. The trains will stop moving once they pop a balloon. It is also impossible for a player to pop his/her opponent's balloons, as the player has to pop his/hers first. The burst balloons and trains will start moving again sometime after making contact. thumb|300px|right


The winner will do a victory pose while the loser is sad. The screen then cuts to the winner's train, which is traveling around the track.


  • The word "locomotive" can also refer to a name for a train.

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